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I am Emily Dahlgran and I draw anthropomorphic art as well as wildlife and pet portraits. I work primarily in coloredpencil and watercolor, with the occasional jaunt into inks (mostly for line-art). I have been drawing since I was really little... my mom is also an artist and would give me her pencils to keep me out of trouble sometimes *L*

I decided to make this a community, rather then just a plain LiveJournal, to allow ideas and posts from others. Preferably about art, but I am not horribly picky unless it gets out of control :)

So here is where I will be talking about my art...what I finished, sketches I am working on, commission status, random doodles... anything related to SkieBorne Art! So, if interested stick around! I plan to allow anonymous comments as well for those who do not have a LJ account, but still want to participate. I can't forsee wanting to make any private posts, afterall :)