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Originals on Etsy plus thoughts on Cons

So, now all the original artwork I currently have available is up on Etsy:


These range from unmatted to matted to professionally matted and sizes from 5 x 9 to 16 x 20.

I figure the timing works out well that when these auctions are up it will be right before FCN. Since FCN doesn't have an Art Show, I'll bring some of the originals there.

But! If you want them, better get them now as I cannot know what will and won't sell between now and April :)

Speaking of FCN, currently it looks like that may be the only con I can attend this year. Rainfurrest isn't going to work out, IFC falls on an on-call weekend (Sorry Bandrik! Maybe next year?). MFF is on a three day weekend but is deer season.

Sooo... hopefully FCN will be a good one this year, then. Last year I *almost* broke even there once everything was tallied. Made up for it at IFC, though, which was a pleasant suprise! I am already registered for FCN have a room and Dealer's registration has been submitted... so far so good!

I have been thinking about some of the larger cons. FC might be interesting. MFF is "local" but just at the wrong time of the year... AC? AC scares me. That is a LOT of people and I am not sure I am there yet. I have had people say I should but I think I would want to attend as just a regular attendee first just to see exactly how it is set up and what to expect.

I dunno... will play it one year at a time :)
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