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Post FCn report :)

So it took awhile for me to get this up but it was a bit chaotic :)

Overall, FCN was great (as usual). Last numbers I heard were about 1200 people in attendance and we raised $5000 for the local Greyhound rescue group :) Say what you want about furries, but they are generous!

I did fairly well on sales. Slowly whittling away at the large matted prints. In the future, I will likely make un-matted large prints, but not more matted ones. Too hard to haul around and take up a lot of space. The small matted prints seem to do ok, though, so I'll continue to have a small number of those :) Stickers and magnets seemed to be this big thing this year, probably since they were less expensive. I did finally sell a few pathtags too... one of which apparently wound up as a tip for a waitress at a restaurant :)

Made a number of badges: First set and Second Set

The Butterscotch badge was the most fun since the request was for "Super rainbow flaming gay!" *chuckle*
This is also the first year I have been happy with all of the badges done. So, yeah, next con the prices will go up some. I think I am finally getting better at fast work.

I had a ton of fun hanging out with Dogsoul, Torahkhan, MsRed, and OncacrottaFeathers. Lots of bad jokes, giggling and fun arting :) Wolfy ran about the con with Mitok, Bunneh and Yotee and had fun as well. I always felt kinda bad dragging him to cons and then not doing much with him since I was at the table or working on "homework" so I'm glad he had some people to run about with. Also sitting at the table saw zWerewolf, Shouta, and Lanakila again :)

I did some of my own art too... cons always seem to be a bit inspiring, though this year it was mostly puns...


and one that started as a doodle and went wild:

Also finished a commission just before the con:
Cockatoo Warrior

After much playing with "Nathair" I decided he needed to be on shirts and things:
Celtic Animals
and same for "Leopard-sy"... but mostly because it is a bad joke...

I have one other piece that I drew out and colored, but can't scan until it is mounted.

I still feel sort of "little fish" at cons. I like the stability of having a table to be able to display, sell and talk to people, but always a little guilty since this is a hobby and not something I do for a living. Am I depriving someone else of needed money by taking that table? But, at the same time... I really like what I do and enjoy doing the cons and meeting people this way. I am not exactly a popular artist, and I am fine with that, but sometimes get the feeling people wonder why I am there at all... *shrugs* It's just a little paranoia I have to work on getting over... as my art improves hopefully that will improve as well :)

There were less art dealers in the Den this year, though... more tails, plushes, shirts etc. Sort of surprised me.

Next con will be IndyfurCon (I think? I cannot seem to get a reply as to weather I actually have a table or not...)
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